Hello, my name is Shanna Polesovsky (whoa, that sounds weird - I am also recently married, sans the maiden name of McNear) I am an Art Director and Graphic Designer with experience in traditional and digital advertising. Over the years I have worked in large/small/and in-house agencies, gaining experience in concept development, shopper marketing strategy, branding/identity, social media strategy, user flows and engagement models, video production, and package design. 

In my non-computer related life I love walking our two basset hounds named Barnaby and Norman and putting sriracha on literally everything I eat. I enjoy going to yoga, but counter balance that with an unhealthy dose of trash tv. I also volunteer for some pretty awesome organizations, such as The Art Directors Club of Denver, National Mill Dog Rescue and SheSays Denver. 

Let me know if you would like to chat! Whether that is over design, dogs, podcasts about murder (don't judge me), or just how awesome fall is.. I am your gal!